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The Business School Entrepreneurs Tackling Sustainable Development

"Philafeed pioneers a decentralised, community-based approach aimed at establishing numerous container facilities to close multiple food loops and foster a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem."

Changing the world: Meet SA’s eco-innovators

beVisioneers brings together environmentalists from around the world and shows young innovators who to benefit the environment.


Homebase for climatetech entrepreneurs

AMA: Turning Your Climate Idea into a Business

"Join us for a 30-minute "Ask Me Anything" session and get advice from serial entrepreneurs and climate experts on how to get started.

A few hot takes from yesterday's AMA:
-  fall in love with your 'why' 
- follow the problem, not the solution 
- you can work in impact, AND create a for-profit business that is financially sustainable. "

Indalo Inclusive

Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that contributes to a thriving, inclusive and green economy in South Africa

Global Recycling Week Live Session

"The adage that says "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is continually demonstrated by the enterprises we work with.

Find out from the co-founder of Philafeed, Maya Zaken as well as the co-founder of Boombadotmobi Community, Nondumiso Vicky Sibiya how they turned environmental conservation into social and economic impact, and how you can do the same."


Bizmag is the dynamic online platform that gets straight to the heart of business matters

Mzansi ‘treps shine at the BeVisioneers Global Eco-preneur Programme

"July marked the start of beVisioneers, a one-of-a-kind global fellowship for environmental action. Chosen from more than 1 000 applicants around the world, the first 100 young innovators – a third of whom are South African – are now embarking on a 12-month learning journey, equipping them to bring their planet-positive ideas to life."

Women on Top

Inspiration on the go

Q&A With Maya Zaken Co-Founder Of Philafeed

In this article, Maya shares the story of how she and her co-founder, Jason Fine, transformed their passion for sustainable development and waste management into start up business. Learn how Philafeed converts organic waste into nutrient-rich insect protein and fertilizer while reducing landfill waste and mitigating climate change. Gain insights into balancing work and life as an entrepreneur, connecting with nature, and envisioning a circular food system, all of which offer valuable inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.


News & Inspiration from Nature's Frontline

Strengthening crops with insect exoskeletons? Study says yes, by way of the soil

" I decompose your trash, feed your animals, and gives your plants a boost. Who am I? The black soldier fly, or the BSF.
With rising concerns over sustainability, insects have gained momentum in the agricultural sector because of their capacity to reduce organic waste and convert it into a high-quality source of protein for livestock. Currently, BSFs are the most widely used insects produced for animal feed, namely for fish, poultry and pigs.

But what if BSF could also improve plant health?"  Juliette Portala 

Mail and Guardian 

The Mail & Guardian is a South African weekly newspaper and website

How the black soldier fly converts organic waste into animal feed

"When one thinks of flies, it’s about how annoying they are and how they spread germs. The black soldier fly, also known as Hermetia illucens, is a little more useful than the regular house fly. " Lesego Chepape


Homebase for climatetech entrepreneurs

The South African Co-founders Using Black Soldier Flies to Repurpose Food Waste

"Co-founders Maya Zaken and Jason Fine are on a mission to reduce food waste and create sustainable solutions. Their startup, Philafeed, is revolutionizing the way we think about food waste by using black soldier flies to transform it into nutrient-rich fertilizer."

Food for Mzanzi

New face of South African Agriculture

Duo unlock magical world of black soldier flies 

"Black solider flies are amazing creatures. Their organic waste is collected and converted into sustainable, nutrient rich animal feed. Maya Zaken and Jason Fine soon fell in love with them and this is their story." Sinenhlanhla Ngwenya 

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