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Begin the dialogue and explore partnership opportunities for your desired circular food solution.


Collaborate with our team to build and implement your tailored-made black solider fly containerised farm.


Pioneer circular food practices and shape a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Ready to revolutionize your farming practices?

Philafeed recognises that the needs of our clients are unique, and so every farm is unique.

Whether you're a hands-on farmer seeking guidance or prefer to have us handle the setup and management entirely, we cater to our clients diverse preferences and desired level of involvement in their farm.


With personalized expertises tailored to your specific requirements, our dedicated team cover a varied of services from initial planning, implementation comprehensive training, and effective management.

Take the first step towards a more sustainable and prosperous farming journey with Philafeed.



Neonates, where the journey of a larvae begins!

We guarantee a consistent supply of high-quality live neonates.

Buy your neonates today.

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Introducing our Black Soldier Fly larvae – a high-quality, protein-rich feed suitable for both poultry , birds, reptiles and fish.


Derived from organic waste, these larvae offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional protein sources. Loaded with essential nutrients, they contribute to the healthy growth of livestock and fish while minimizing the ecological footprint.


Whether you're a farmer, pet owner, or substance farmer  our dried larvae provide a versatile and sustainable solution for your animal nutrition needs.


Contact our sales team today to explore the many benefits these larvae bring to your practices and the environment.


Frass or insect fertiliser is a soil amendment, that contains rich nutrients. When used in agriculture, it helps to reduce soil depletion and improve crop growth, nitrogen-use efficiency, and disease suppression.


Whether you're a gardener, farmer, or horticulturist, we have the high-quality frass you need to achieve your growing goals. You know what they say, Happy Plants, Happy Life


Contact us today to learn more about how our frass can help you grow healthy, vibrant plants while promoting a healthier planet.

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