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Our mission is to create decentralized small scale black soldier fly farm that closes multiple community food loops and reimagines food waste systems and the local protein and fertilizer markets.


Philafeed logo

Maya and Jason fell in love with the concept of black soldier fly farming in 2022. They started Philafeed with the hopes of creating a low-tech and low-carbon small-scale decentralised hub. 

Our vision transcended mere entrepreneurship; it aimed to reforge the bond between communities and food waste, igniting a circular food economy that nourished the earth, animals, and empowered individuals with diverse skill sets along the way.

We spent two year 2 years gaining experience and expertise in the industry, specifically in  small-scale production.

In 2024 we decide to adopt a container facility to focus on our decentralised model and partnered with industry experts GenBioSol.

GenBioSol shares in-depth knowledge of black soldier fly farming and understanding of the containers technological intricacies .


Together, Maya, Jason, and Max form a dynamic team with a comprehensive skill set, blending practical experience and industry leadership.

Our Approach

Our philosophy echos principles of simplicity, adaptability, ecological sustainability, community involvement, and knowledge sharing.


Our strategies align with the belief that a holistic and replicable model can make a substantial impact on local communities.

Philafeed logo
Black soldier fly farmer
Black soldier fly farmer



Our decentralised and community centric model is centred around a small-scale containerised solution that can be adapted to fit the local market demand of larvae and frass to the local market supply of food waste.











Our mission is to create a dynamic food ecosystem by collecting retail and post consumer waste, and circulating the nutrients through a decentralized black solider fly hub.

By closing the food loop and transforming waste into two valuable resources, we aim to revitalize the environment and uplift individuals within our communities by providing meaningful employment opportunities.

We utilise a containerised technology that is

Food Supply




Off grid



Tackle Food Waste

Boost Agri-Sustainability

Create jobs



Local Demand


Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who have come together to make the potential impact of the black soldier fly a reality. 

Maya Zaken CEO founder
Jason Fine COO founder
GenBioSol technical partner

Founder & CEO

Maya Zaken

Head of business developments, marketing and fundraising.  

Founder & COO

Jason Fine

Head of business operations, sales and partner communications.

Technical Partner and



Technical partner and black soldier fly expert.

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