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Closing Loops, Feeding Futures.

Transforming Food Systems, One Black Soldier Fly Container Farm at a Time.

Welcome to Philafeed, where our vision is to create a circular and dynamic food ecosystem. Utilising black soldier fly farming, we aim to close multiple community food loops and reimagine food waste systems and the local protein and frass markets.


The name Philafeed is derived from the Zulu word 'Eziphilayo' meaning 'living beings'. We believe in the interconnectedness of all living beings, and are dedicated to harnessing the power of nature to nurture circular food systems for both our communities and our planet.


Through container solutions, we establish hubs of black soldier fly processing, seamlessly collecting and converting organic waste into sustainable, nutrient-rich insect protein, and frass. 


With a community-centric and local approach, we organically align with market demand and supply of waste, ensuring that our impact extends beyond ecological benefits to fostering a harmonious relationship between nature and community.

Discover Why We're Obsessed with Black Soldier Flies!

The first time we heard about black soldier flies, we were like, 'Black soldier WHAT?' The more we learned, the more we loved! Click below to find out why we're so passionate about black soldier flies!

Philafeed Farms

Our goal is to set up numerous black soldier fly processing units, closing multiple community food loops. But we can't do it alone. Click the button below to see how you can join our mission today.

Philafeed Team

Who are we and how did we land up farming flies? 

Philafeed logo

“One week of feeding showed very good improvements. Improved binding quality  of the egg made for excellent poaching. There was a real change with the egg shell becoming significantly larger, harder and darker ” Robyn, Knysna 


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