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Educate. Inspire. Act.

Unlock Insights, Skills, and Practical Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

We're passionate about creating a more sustainable future and believe that education is a key part of achieving this goal.


As such, we offer tailor-made, engaging, interactive workshops on topics such as circular economy, black soldier fly rearing, and more.

By participating in our workshops, you not only gain valuable skills and insights, but also become an advocate for sustainable living in your community. Spreading awareness and inspiring others is crucial for creating a lasting impact, and we're committed to empowering you to do just that.


Whether you're looking to learn more about sustainable food systems, closed food loops systems, circular economy, black solider fly farming or other related topics, we can tailor our workshops to meet your needs.


With hands-on activities, guidance, and a focus on practical solutions, our workshops are designed to inspire and empower you to create positive change in your community and beyond.


Contact us today to learn more about our workshops and talks.


Past Events 

Shaping the Future

Hosted by Next Zero Nexus, Shaping the Future conference serves as a global forum for specialists from universities and institutes, corporates, impact investors, and communities.

The Circular Way

Hosted by Philafeed the Circular Way is workshop aimed inspiring women in circular economic thought and collaboration.

BSF Workshop

We hosted the Outeniqua Naturalist Club for special workshop upon request.

circular way workshop
circular economy workshop

Philafeed proudly participated in this event, sharing valuable insights on circular food systems and black soldier fly farming. We showcased our commitment to sustainable practices and outlined our goals for a more eco-friendly future.

This event powered by the Ford Fund and Watson Institute was a 3 day immersive workshop to inspire circular economic theory and meaningful collaboration.


The Circular way was a no-cost program held at, and in partnership with Green Business School. 

During the program, participants learned about circular economic theory and were further inspired by practitioners in the field. 


Philafeed had the privilege to give a talk to the Outeniqua Naturalist Club about the wonderful life of reason of the black soldier fly. 

circular economy workshop
Circularity workshop
For more information, booking and requests contact us!
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